Sounds of Christmas

The Sounds of Christmas

Adus F. Dorsey II 

17 December 2018 

The Sounds of Christmas, an Interfaith Christmas Program happened last night, December 16th,at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints, Torrey Ward House and a sea of people showed up, so many so that every preacher in the valley had to be proud. Those sitting in what they thought was the back row ended up being in the middle when Brother Leon Bogedahl open up the folding curtain exposing about ten more rows. 

From the get go one knew it was going to be a special program when Wayne Stake President Shane Brian opened the show and the Wayne High Choir under the direction of Joni Taft came marching in harmonizing, a sight that immediately had folks turning their heads and feeling the spirit of Christmas. 

The program promoted itself for “Everyone one who enjoys Christmas.” But it was surely possible there were some individuals that decided to show that didn’t, but they had to have become a believer by the time they left because not a soul hit the door for about an hour and half.  

Becky Pace, Adrian Ruger and Lindsey Shellar commanded the stage with their expert accompaniment and Sister White of Fremont not only had the on stage choir singing in tune she had the whole building swaying to Christmas songs. Layne Jones was in the back and I know for sure he never missed a beat. 

The organizing groups for the event were; 

The Grace Baptist Church 

The Interfaith Council 

St. Anthony of the Desert Catholic Parish

Two Arrows Zen Mediation Center 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints

“Please excuse the fact that I was one of the ones that didn’t get my hands on a program so I don’t have all of the names of the participants.” 

Through out the evening the Narrator took the crowd through the story of Christmas and the lady that played Mary, Mother of Jesus, was excellent, it was almost like being in Bethlehem. In between songs Reverend Shue of The Grace Baptist Church shared the story of Mary and the Messiah too. Anna Syme and Brill sung a song and the Smiths stood up and did a tune on the guitar and piccolo that was enough to send shivers down one’s spine and Dudley Elliott did the 200 year old tune Silent Night and Layne Jones didn’t holding back. 

All in all it was a fine way to bring in the Christmas Season with folks from every walk of life, Dee Hatch was even there which made it feel all the more like Christmas. 

On the way out I spoke to some kids sitting in the hallway with plates full of cookies and ask them which cookies were the best and in unison, they said they all were. And that pretty much summed up the evening. 

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